‘Chicago P.D.’: Jesse Lee Soffer on Halstead’s Struggles and the Effects of Lindsay’s Absence (Exclusive)

What does this mean for Halstead moving forward? Soffer breaks down Halstead’s downward spiral, his complicated new romance and the lingering effects of Sophia Bush’s departure.

ET: How has Halstead’s mindset shifted since the season began?

Jesse Lee Soffer: He had it all figured out. He had a good handle on the things he had done and the things that he had seen, and I think he thought he had it all under control. After that experience of killing that little girl [in the season premiere], he realizes it’s all still there. It’s just underneath the surface [and] he just put it all in the closet. He has to reconcile seeing some awful things and doing some awful things and he doesn’t know how. He doesn’t have a support system for that. We’re watching him drown and struggle. 

In tonight’s episode, Upton is really the only person who calls Halstead out on his true state of mind, even though Halstead insists he’s capable of seeing things clearly. Will their working dynamic become fractured because of their conflicting views?

It’s certainly going to be tense and they’re going to be butting heads for a bit, until Jay really deals with the fact that he has an issue that he’s not doing a good job of dealing with. She’s the only person confronting him, saying, “I’m watching you drown right now and I can’t do it. You’re a mess.” He doesn’t want to hear it and he thinks he can still handle things on his own and still take care of business. He’s going to realize that he’s going to have to let her in as a partner and a friend, and rely on her to make it through the other side of this thing.

Halstead lies to Camila at the end of the episode about his involvement in her brother’s death. Is he digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole?

He starts to make a connection with Camila. He watches Camila’s brother die and he goes and has this connection with his sister, and he doesn’t tell her the truth. He doesn’t know how. They’re attracted to each other, but he keeps up the lie that he was with this other guy [when he died]. We’ll really watch him not deal with anything well at all. 

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